Friday, June 24, 2016

Vintage Painted Rocks

Each time I water my garden I see the cottages I painted on rocks 23 years ago which have sat outdoors all these years without much damage to the paint.  One of them is finally giving signs of deterioration, I guess I will be doing some restoration work soon. 

I started by making some for myself and also for gifts, then the project evolved and I sold them to Disneyland (along with other rocks with painted landscapes) to decorate their shops in Adventure land.  It was not an easy task to deliver these rocks to the park because they were rather heavy. 
I love my rocks because they remind me of those years when people used to teased me about "painting on anything that did not move" Looking a little tired now the textures under the paint still intact (my secret formula ...winks) but considering  they have been outdoors all these years the image survived rather well, a good testimony to DecoArt - Americana

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